There is this old man in our village who blows my mind! He is not a mellenial, but by looks; is young, though he was born in the late 70’s. What old man has in plenty are the assuring words, with faith which is void? Old man, has words in plenty. This is my fifth year to hear him talk, the talk of the haves; yet, he has nothing on him. He is a pauper! He is everything to call poverty! He is a dupe of circumstances! And so, the faith he has; would have served him well, if it was well seasoned, ingrained in actions. It would be better, that, it would move mountains.

Old man, similarly, is not in the market economy, except, moving around with a book (the Bible) preaching. He is a lazy man. What he says is not reflected in him? And knowingly, faith apart from works (actions) is dead. Man of God is not an action man rather, a chatterbox.

So he has nothing, only an assuring tongue; with empty faith and swear words. He speaks assuringly; like he has everything back home. He calls himself a man of God (wrong) a pastor at that. He has his wits and yes, true, a verbal diarrhea. He talks to everyone, about everything; how he is going to be wealthy? How is going to have everything at his backyard? How he is going to change overnight? How he is going to have paper (money?) Surpassing all the folks who think they are wealthy. “They lie to themselves,” he says, “It’s going to happen soon. Very, very soon.”

He continues to say that people are against him because of his good ideas. So they implement them before him. But the original ideas are his. He is the vision bearer! What am writing here today is his, and has been the case, ever so, up to now, on his 50th birthday? He still prides in his unshakable faith, which can’t move mountains. He stops only at the talking. He has an empty faith; which is not helping at all. Certainly, faith causes you to think, when it’s well spiced with actions. Old man is just obsessed, stuck, with his incorrigible state of mind.

He sleeps in an ugly structure; grass thatched, i fear to call it a home. Actually, to any reasonable man, its not a home. It’s a shack! More like a goat’s pen. He has no latrine, no kitchen, only funny grass thatched 2-3 inch sorrounded with fibres structures. This among all odds, beats the understanding of public health officials. He has issues to settle with public health officials. The basic items a home must have- (even a home per se) he doesn’t have. No jerrycans, no knives, no basins et al. He lives like a homosapien in this age. Really?

Surprisingly, he lives with his children whom he has gossiped in all ways against life meant for them, saying its bad. He wants them to lead a life, like his. Because he failed, he is a losser, right, he comforts himself with promises. They are fanatical! I wish to call them fantastical wishes here. I think, ideally, he would accept his fate and live accordingly- in God. Other than having faith, plenty; with no actions, with no plans and full of ignorance. You are a loser right, however, you have failed to change.

Adaptation is key. Its what makes humans resilient? It’s what makes us survive? There’s always a second chance in God. Grow static, fail miserably. The world will only believe you based on what you do, not words? Faith is truly living, only when its shown, when it’s worked- in deeds. Old man, pastor that is, failed miserably. He fails to grasp the precepts of his Lord; probably why his faith is empty?

Old man has no wife- sorry to say! He leads not by example. He was married some years ago but, well, as you know, now is divorced. He has 5 kids (3 girls and 2 boys.) The girls are the oldest. The boys are young with the oldest only 5 years. It’s romored though, throughout the entire village; man of God went into his own daughters. Not once, not twice; several times! This allegation, one time landed him into prison. He failed to change still. Getting over a problem is not easy a task, agree, but we have to… Its part of life. Old man got a heart break, he failed to get over it. “All women are crooks!” He says. This landed him into serious squabbles, and this intensified the allegations. “Those are allegations just- real falsehoods!” What is proof? Women are crooks, true? You have no wife, true? How easy for you to go into your only daughters? How easy for you to sin? You trust them, you love them; they are your only daughters, your only women you trust! Being man, tersely, your only temptation will only yield problems. This is sin, not nurture. The gap provides the evidence, the only proof to the allegations. This gap is an exhibit! You are in a trap man of God.

When we last talked, old man assured me. This is what blew my understanding? You know they had stolen all his clothes in his, what he calls a home? When we met, he told me about the ordeal. Well, but he was very happy…, strange!! “I am now a happy man,” he said, “These thieves thought i would be miserable… hahaha!” He continued ranting more about the ordeal for the seventh time, saying, they stole all the torn, dirty and very old fashioned clothes. “I have new ones now.” He bragged. What really happened? The people who came to visit, to agonize with him; brought in alot of new things in sympathy. Old man needed some shoulders to lean on. It was great! It was so massive! But probably, i guess, this is what struck mirth? The happiness..hohoho?

His old clothes, old everything were swapped! What people brought in were brand new? What a miracle? How happy? How blessed? He was over the moon! What then? However, until now, this caused more trouble to the thieves, as he assured them, slithering swear words atenth time. “Go hang, kill.. or else, come for more. I am a blessed man. If you still want more, don’t hesitate to come. My properties have increased tensfold! Go hang.. isssh!”

As I was still there, an old lady came. She came to pay him a visit. Old man continued to rant, cursing the thieves for the billionth time. “I know they are not happy right now, all the clothes they stole were torn. I had not washed them for a fortnight. They took curses for themselves..hahaha!” He was right? However, ever so, old man is advised to marry, to avoid such occurrences in the future since now, wife would ensure tight security to everything, in his absence. He is incorrigible still!

Help doesn’t come in the same way. You can’t really tell when its coming? It can be monetary. It can be materialistic. It can be physical and in some ways advice. You don’t count on it though!!

Old man was advised so many times to construct a house which would attract any woman to him. In other words, to change! To buy things that make up a home, and also to realise that change is inevitable. It comes,…wait, whatever way? It depends on how well you prepare? Realise, change will change you.

Hear what he had to say: “This house has a lot of blessings for me. I got married to a young girl the mother of my children here. I got my first blessings; the children here. I got everything…here. I bought my first bed, my bicycle, everything here. This is where i belong! Its not just a house per say,” continuing, “It’s a blessing? God is going to bless me more here. God is going to do wonders for us, wait and see. It’s going to happen soon. Very..very soon.”

Hehe? Assuring man, assured us a billionth time! To my curious mind, my investigation of things; everything he talked about; except the children, none was existent! None was right visible, rather, the bid was a gesture to pomp his faith, his only fantastical wishes? Everything else was more evident in words.

The things to reflect on, the things to call glory; at his home, existed in the heydays. They are memories now, history, only can never be forgotten. They are not new, change your permissive thinking old man! Better when glory is artified to look a new, the same as before; like memory, which doesn’t go old.

Dear readers, probably you’ve heard? That is what he says to however tries to challenge him to sense. He is not pro- change! He is naive; so self centered and thinks is fulfilling the word of God. He thinks is wise. He preaches the word. He fasts every day, according to will and every month. He reads the Bible (wrong.) He doesn’t regale with the word. He doesn’t understand!! The Bible impacts those who read it. Secondly, God is pro change. We change, the Bible is full of examples. We have witnessed. Old man just has a problem. He is obstinate! And thinks is with God. Knowledge is key in everything. Dupe the gullible, preacher man, those who are lost because of lack of knowledge?

God is everything. He can’t fail to salvage his shepherds- those who trust in him. Those who love him. He is God of all fresh, rich or poor. Accept!! Pray to God unwaveringly, trust, be knowledgeable, he will recuperate you from the pit.

Now, three of us, old man was ranting more. I and good old woman who tried to confab him still present. We were wondering? Old woman who tried to impart sense in him was being honest, now disappointed! She was giving him free knowledge, to salvage him from captivity. She was trying to be real. She was trying to be God sent. Though still, old man thinks, is wise, above everything. He covers in the cloak of sanity, carrying the Bible, hoodwicking men of sanity to Oblivion. He Pomp’s his stupid thinking and the lack of knowledge to the world. However, it was written; “People without knowledge will be destroyed?”

It happens in this way: physically, mentally, economically, financially and in whatever way. This is what happened to old man?

He continued to assure us, about five things again. He has to do them this year. Only five things, just in a year! Did it happen? Hahaha! He was gossiping! He assured us; doing what he does best? Talking! But no actions! What were the five things anyway? These preoccupy his mind? He wants to buy a car? He wants to marry? He wants to finish off his house which is at foundation level for over 15 year’s? He wants to buy a plot of land in town? And to set up his only glocery store? This is all he wants. The problem, he is not an action man. He has a verbal diarrhea, only helping him become a village celebrity, as is called, “Omwogezi”(talker.)

Old man; to my surprise, this is what he says, year in year out? Years come and go, weeks and months. Days and nights! Though, his priorities are not fulfilled in the specified years. He is just obsessed with the five things! All this i believe, he says to woo women; he wants to remain relevant? He wants to hoodwick the unsuspecting fellows; that their pastor is visionary! He wants to be rich?When you reach his home. You get to understand; he is a day dreamer. He has not even the basics. He has no knife, only using something; panga like, for everything. He has no kitchen, only using his very own house for that. When he is cooking, it’s a furnace. The so called house becomes engulfed in a cloud of smoke day and night. He uses it over and over again, as a sleeping den. Do you call that a house!!

Attempts to persuade him out of his savage life rocked. He behaves more like the hunters, with faith which is void. When he talks, you thank God for him. He talks, he assures; he swears, talking like the haves. I think these statements make him feel solace. They help him see tomorrow with a vision. They help him feel like the rest who are better off. They make him feel loved. Old man is sick. He wants so much to succeed; he wants to be happy. He wants everything meant for the haves! But sadly, he is very lazy! Attempts to enlighten him rocked. He thinks is wise, when really, he is not? He started the foundation of his dream house at just 25 years old, now is 50. He says he has enemies who don’t wish him any good! They cursed his house, his home, true! However, silence is a fighting tool. I repeat for you old man, silence is a fighting tool; likewise meekness! You only have psycological issues to settle. What else?

Your only kids are not at school. You are not educating your self either. You are totally doing nothing! You are stuck; just there, in your own shadow. You have trained the kids to be hunters in this age, like you. Really? They are savages? They are not living? Young kids, equal to yours, are achieving, your’s are stuck in the same pit, just like you! This is bestoweable only to morons. You have failed to change still.

However, you call those who have, crooks! “I would have been rich,” he says, “but am a righteous man.”

Old man is stuck in his own shadow. He is rich at the same time poor. Poverty is more evident! When he talks, you believe he has everything. Anyway, rich men be how- anything? Visit him at home!!! Faith is good, he has it in plenty, but no actions. Faith without actions is dead? He ends at only the talking and yes, he needs strait jackets. He remains an assuring man, with no medals to him. That is all? He remains conceited that everything will be fine through hope. Hope doesn’t disappoint!! Pray for posterity, your only hope!


Friend’s, welcome back from the Eid Mubarak- special’s. Hoping you enjoyed everything there it was to offer. The day was well spent, i believe! I also want to say- to report you to my readers, that of all my Muslim friends none called me for lunch atleast. Really?

On Monday 04/08/2019, i had to go to kampala. I had some errands to run, but first i was to go to the NAADS Secretariat to drop there some reports for Boss. It was urgent! Then the rest was me, meeting up a few people in town. Going here and there.

In the hurdle then, i finally realized i wasn’t okay. My stomach was a bit gnawing. It wasn’t okay, and i could not guess what the problem was? Finally, it started growling seriously. It started making funny noises, like something was running through me. It was scary? Then, it dawned on me (seriously) i was hungry. At what time? 4:00 pm! Imagine?

So what happened? I was moving from place to place. I went to NAADS Secretariat, first. I went on to meet Viane, my friend at Kabalagala. I met Cissy, then obviously, we shot the breeze. I went on to meet Hasifa- she’s my very good friend. I also went to Entebbe for some interviews at 2:00 pm sharp. This was ruining me seriously. Then finally, i went to Nakasero to meet Henry my brother. This was not safe naturally. Like you can see above, have i mention anything like: “then i ate food?” Ah? It wasn’t even part of the program. I was trying to save anyway. But was it even possible?

Now i was seriously slackening. I was hungry! My gait was steadily abnormal and tiresome. I realised i had lost all the glucose in me. I was so weak. Anytime i was going to faint. Least from that, i needed dextrose or else, some energy pills. Okay, to say, i needed something like ROCK BOOM (energy drink 💪.) Actually, the best would be food- yes food, to replenish my glucose stores which were gradually nearing the zero mark.

So here, my stomach was growling rapidly. What did i do? Lets pause a bit, as you walk your way down to the fridge- take your self a glass of wine; probably- as i did. Your done, i guess?

So i went to shoprite. I had some little money on me besides the transport money. The money was enough to buy me something to quench my hunger. I had a whooping 5k. Did i say whooping? Haha? It was all i had. What did i buy? A cake?

This cake looked so appetising. I saw it as my savior to hunger. It was cheap, compared to everything else there at shoprite- that you know. Another thing, well, must i say this? Okay, it was big. I don’t settle for small things i have to admit. So i bought my delicacy, a cake. Hihihi😄😄! This was going to work. No more growling.

When the stomach is at peace, what fails man to do. I needed to think again.

I moved to taxi, sat at the back, i was the first to enter luckily. Then i unwrapped my delicacy. I wanted it to go down with a soda. Did i have the soda? No!! If no soda and my stomach is gnawing, what solution there is- to salvage me from the ugly situation. I didn’t have water either. So I ate? That was right, no more growling!

And if God so gives, whom am i to complain. I ate. I continued eating oblivious of the ugly eyes from the people that looked at me in a frenzy. No worries! I continued eating. The cake was something else. So salvatingly enticing to have; at least a bite. My God!! It was so sweet. The aroma alone was enough. The Sweetness, only comparable to Bacon. Was it spiced with some….?? Am trying to think?

The sweetness that comes after along spell is something else. It was so marvelous, so rib cracking. Funny in the mouth; causing smiles. My ugly looking neighbors felt the same taste i felt through the aroma, I believe! I bet, their taste buds are 100% efficient. What else?

The people who were admiring my lunch, i didn’t give a damn. I continued eating, enjoying myself away at the same time. My taste buds were at ease; only feeling the taste. The cake wow!….sweet?

Little did i know, all along- what was i even thinking? My ugly looking neighbors at the puff of the aroma, started to salivate. They wanted to have my delicacy. They envied me. They looked so pale, like they didn’t have their own lunch. They wanted something from me. Why? They had their lunch, i believe. They ate with peace. They enjoyed whatever they ate? Their hunger simmered? Why then disturb a man with a small cake? Why then look ugly? Why that frenzy look?

I think,..i wasn’t wrong to be mean!

Okay, they were salivating. And i was only enjoying, feeling only the taste; ho ho- (of my cake) which was mine and mine alone, in the middle of the ugly glances. Nevertheless, I wasn’t bothered at all. Probably, they were thinking funny about me and my cake😂😂. Terrible?? Terrible would mean- casting me away from my lovely cake? Hihi!

Though rough- i didn’t have anything to water it down with- still, it was mine. It was meant to quench my growling stomach. It was meant to charm me up. To make me lively, like how i was in the morning. It worked. It was savor. Only the aroma was enough, it served well my neighbors, i think! 😄😄

So I didn’t give a damn to the snooping nose! I continued to eat my mouth away. When need arose, i started murmuring a little, to confuse the enemy. I wanted to create a synergy between my eating and the murmuring so the enemy would only think i was only murmuring, right? Ho ho?? Did it work?? Not with the ugly looking neighbors!! Phew!!!

But were they even hungry. I don’t believe? Okay, did they know what i passed through to this glory? Do they know what it means to save money meant for lunch and you fail hands down; yeah, after breathing in a success! It choked me! Success was altered at 4:00pm to failure.

However, to my ugly looking neighbors, I didn’t give a damn! If they were hungry- i saw the red eyes, true. I pray for you. Pray to God, like me in the first place. Its not easy to endure for 11 hours without taking a thing, just only waiting for dusk to take its toll and still hoping. This is out of experience. And I have a story to tell. Its only God who is going to abet you my brothers and sisters. Not me! Keep praying. Hihihi!!!😁😁

The cake was big i have to say. I ate it savorily. But i didn’t have anything to water it with. And as i was about to finish my dose, something happened? I didn’t see it coming? He he? I was just there, my eyes widening, my face folding a bit, was growing wrinkles. Profusely, i was sweating. Somehow, a piece of the cake landed its way to the gullet- chocking my life out. Aaghhh….?? I was gasping for air. My chest closed. My diaphragm flattened. And I was just there, breathing empty gasps. I had to do it real quick. I had to bend. I had to beat my chest several times. I had to fold myself downwards. I had to surrender the piece of cake out. Wow?

I was panting for air. Only breathing through the mouth. What was visible were the solids entangled in a mass of a liquid (saliva) that drenched my bag. And because of mastication, the stuff looked uglier than….!! I mean ugly in the real sense. My ugly looking neighbors splattered away. I was uglier than….? What am i even saying? They were better off!! 😃😃😃

Okay, i relaxed. I caught my breath for a few seconds. I tried to breath but only the empty gasps were vibrant. How i sweeted? How i breathed? The empty gasps caused pain in my throat. Oh my, how i wanted to cry? How i looked? Hoho? It was terrible! And save me the shame, i stop at that.

My ugly looking neighbors are still laughing to this day!! I believe? Hihi😁😁😁!! I was a clown?


Benjamin franklin in his yearly almanacs, wrote that; “Two can keep a secret when one is dead.’’ It’s difficult to conceal a matter where people are involved. Leave alone the fact that God sees everything done under high heavens. We know it profoundly, but still, we try our best to be obstinate. We pretend like nothing ever happens. Not only do we pretend; but again, we conceal matters fervently.

However, if there is chance to open up, to engage third parties— this is part of the healing process—(it relieves the beholder; of the burden that comes with secrets.)

People keep secrets for many reasons (1) for diplomacy (2) not to hurt other people’s feelings, and thoughts et al. In big organizations, cult groups and in governments, there are laws that govern flow of information (classified and or privacy laws.) Classified information is not for everyone. In cases where it’s promulgated to the public, it’s a crime (certain things deserve not to be known.) That’s why the laws exist.

Things known not in the public domain, if revealed, people are impacted in one way or the other. This, however, varies with personalities. All are impacted differently? We try the best of humanity to conceal secrets however, we are creatures of emotions. According to mood we reveal secrets. Ladies, most times, are the upholders of this phenomenon, behold; however, we all are creatures of emotions. As it’s to the men; it’s to the women.

Occasionally, the heart craves to be heard, hence the bursting. So two people can keep a secret when one is dead. Rationally, I think, that statement connotes untrustworthiness and impoiusness. What is meant by; two can keep a secret when one is dead, is this:- people are dishonest naturally and impoius! I presume, there is no one who can keep a secret. Be aware!

However, in the hurdle to socialize with people sometimes, as it happens, we find ourselves illuminating secrets. This happens, especially when we meet strangers; we tend to spill a lot of sensitive info. We tend to be honest. We tend to be pious. This is probable, being that; occasionally, we tend to trust strangers on the onset- which is not the case with the people we know. So people allude to facts. The adage goes; “there is no smoke, without fire.”

Early this year, I met a certain gentle man on my way to the market. Something happened, but on knowing it, already we were struck into a very strange conversation. We shared ideas, we talked, it became profound and until this point, the man became emotional. He dished out sensitive allegories. He opened up his heart. It’s at this point, I knew that he had separated with his wife some three years back. He was a lonely man with issues to mend if only given one chance.

Talking of widowhood and being single, either way. This is what broke loose? I was struck dumb! When he said, and telling me outright, that one night he was tempted to go into his daughters. Hope you understand what I mean. He fought with the desire several days but to no avail. “The temptation was strong.” He said. He feared other women, they are all crooks, that’s all he knows. The heartbreak made him lose trust in all women. He was scared to pass through the same of what he abhorred. He had no options left. Instead, he gave room to the temptation. Satan is no good friend! He was literally crying when he said these things. What I read through his eyes is this: he had never told this story to anyone. His part of the story was never heard. He was busy blaming himself and lamenting. He needed a listening ear, he wanted to get rid of the burden he carried. All he had was pain, confusion and forgotteness.

When the tears started rolling down, I let him cry. What else? He needed this as part of the healing. He needed shoulders to lean on. I was just there for him. A stranger with a listening ear. This was going to work. I let him cry some more. I hugged him, showing empathy. He needed to pass through this, to get relieved of the pain. He wanted his part of the story to be heard. It worked.

But then, I realized, he was looking for audience (any one willing to listen to his side of the story) and sympathizers. A stranger like me served the purpose. Very well.

So he trusted me. How he braved to tell me such. I still don’t know? I just know he told me his secret. He was relieved of part of the pain, I think. About to end the conversation, he said, “you are the first person I have told this. I beg of you my son, judge me not. Let it be our secret. I still lament up to now.’’

What is meant by this saying—‘’there is no smoke without fire’’— is this: to everything that people allude to, there the truth rests. They convey it in a way not to appear as truth. The people get to know and behave in the same way, like the rest. Did you know that it’s passionate to narrate stories that we are part of? If yes, 30% of the stories people allude to, they are the protagonists. And it’s the truth? Believe me!

The enigmas, the beholders of the secrets, ironically; in good faith, when driven to tell anyone; believe me, they say, ‘’don’t tell anyone? ’’ It’s as if they know, being man, you will tell other people. Like them, for example, they didn’t keep quiet. They tell you, their wives and may be their close relatives. What about you then? Neither they nor you will keep quite? In so doing, in between, there is a chain of leaks; while pretending to conceal the matter. This is what happens usually. Dishonesty. Secrets are told not concealed. It can be said, we pretend to be doing so. If there is something you what to say, if you will, it’s going to be promulgated by you and any body else- just like you in the first place.

What should we say then? Should we say, and believe, you will tell no body? Should we say you will keep the secret and tell no one? Won’t you? No one is loose mouth. The desire for the heart to erupt cuts across. We sometimes talk passionately about issues. The heart keeps mysteries right. It was written, “We should keep our hearts with all diligence.” This is it, according to mood, the heart craves bursting. So, then, man is a creature of emotions. He is a creature so royal to his emotions. He is so honest and passionate about himself. This then varies with gender and age.

We can infer therefore that to everything done in secrecy, certain people get to know about it. True! And they promulgate it without fear or favor. It’s a dilemma. Some talented people, to a certain extent; go forth, still, to dream visions. They envisage the unknown and rightly, get to know about the mysteries. It can be said, so, that walls have ears.

Yet again, I can say now; sometimes, it’s good to conceal a matter. Its good to keep a secret. It’s good to bar the unknown from the unsuspecting creatures. For like I said, people are impacted. It’s not good to play with people’s emotions. Emotions are honest. They are kind. They are royal and passionate. But subsequently, things are things, rather difficult to relate with and then too fanciful to accept as truth.

So sometimes, it’s good when people get to know themselves, to decipher out the mysteries; to decipher out the unknown such that when they get to know, they call them secrets and mysteries- than through a third party. When man is the only one involved in a matter, it can be said rightly as above, in the affirmative that walls have ears.

Inasmuch as we try, no one ever, can conceal a matter. You can keep it from the world, you can keep it above heavens; you can keep it under oceans. Well, but not from your family. Not from your friends. Not from your children. True, secrets are not kept. Mysteries are not barred. Only smeared with dust for concealment from the unsuspecting souls, but not from a curious person- who plays the sage.

A story is told, a certain young man about his business, met his king in the bush. He was from a witch. The witch had cautioned him not to be seen by anyone on his way back home. Now that he had suddenly bumped into this young man, he had no alternatives, thus he debated. He narrated the whole scenario to the man, this in a bid to caution him of promulgation. The witch had seriously warned. Consequently, he ended up cautioning him into not revealing anything; as per their clandestine encounter in the bush. “Don’t ever tell anyone about this, I beg of you.” The man in agreement swore to the king, to death, he was not going to reveal anything. “Nothing is going to come out of me. Even when it means losing my head.” He said, “As you have said, continuing, Oh my king, this is between me and you, you will hear it nowhere. Let it be!”

So they parted ways, and the king went home happy, like wise the poor man. The king was so happy. He was healed of all his ailments, just because all went well. The secret remained unknown, under the water.
But you know what happens with good things, blessings, and yes- money. Partying? Rightly so, hence the king organized for a fete at his palace- he was very happy. He was in good health, with blessings showering his life and money. He wanted to spread this happiness. He wanted to regale with what money can buy. Being a man revered by the people, being so clean- he had no worries. He had the money. What next?

So expensive liquor’s and all sorts of foods braced the event. All sorts of liquor! It was merry time. When the kingdom is at peace, the people rejoice. What is good for a poor man other than to drink and forget his misery.
By now I guess, with no doubt, you know what happened. Do I need to add fresh to the story? For behold, people according to mood and time reveal secrets. Secrets and mysteries are demystified. Secrets are told as stories. Before i even forget, since the king’s charms( the one’s he sought from the bush) withered to thin air. He was blown? Only because, he had trusted man.

There are no secrets under high heaven’s. There is only the word of mouth. So the saying goes, we become slaves to what we have already uttered. True! The sage considers silence a fighting tool.

In conclusion, so far, perhaps; if one time, you sit down and meditate on this, you will know that people obstruct a lot of enigmas and mysteries. Even you yourself. When you’re a good conversationalist, however, some times as it happens, you will land on stinging truths as you engage in casual conversations. The problem, nonetheless, sometimes, people are caught in the trap—ever eager to interrupt but not to listen. The undisturbing listener, henceforth, hears what is not meant for them.

I remember, one time as I was sharing with a certain gentleman, he said something which I hoped not to disregard. He said, plainly, “I raped her?” Imagine what happened to his beautiful niece? He really feasted uninterrupted. Now the Man only busted the truth to me. He was true. It was meant to burst obviously. Applying the same logic to the poor girl, I think, she also got confidants to whom she revealed the ordeal. I am also telling you. When you handle well the people, believe me, sometimes you become the enigma of confidences.

Surprisingly, to some, you see them smiling all way (this is also true for a sad countenance) then you are tempted to ask what their happiness is all about? Suddenly with a low tone, they say something which leaves your ears wide open. Not all, he adds, ‘you should not tell anyone else.’ Do you see mirth and disbelief here; its ever like that! People have a lot of funny stories on their hearts; try them out; divulge their hearts. I tell you, you will laugh. Certain things cause for laughter?

**See you when you see me**


Before I go any further with this, blog post—allow me take this opportunity and moment to thank God who has made it possible—these happenings, I am about to document, I believe were made possible by God. They are miracles in the real sense. I believe in God, I think; this’s why partly, it’s easy for me to identify (for so many things happen) and appreciate the miracles from heaven.

In Plato’s writing’s, specifically in the Apology, I read that Socrates could receive admonishments; or oracles from God that deferred, deterred and sometimes no signs at all. I want to rightly say, I also receive divine signs from above. Accordingly, from what I have experienced, God plans my ways. I add my testimony to other so many authorities who time immemorial, with many qualms, talked of signs and wonders coming from God. They have testified. They have said it all in black and white. We have no scapegoat to present either. But although, our first reaction to, like we say, to those bearing these testimonies- (irresolutely we doubt.) The truth rests beneath—there where our conviction leads us.

These miracles in our lives cause so many qualms. But to God, assuredly, it’s to test our faith. It’s to make us see what our fore father’s saw. To test us if we really believe, to lead us to believe. And sometimes, as it happens, in troubles, we lose or to say, we don’t have faith at all. Friends, we have to trust in God. We have to learn to trust God. From, time and time long ago, our fathers have testified. No one ever having trusted in God was disappointed. Take for example the words from King David, “I was young now am old but haven’t seen a righteous person forsaken (Psalms 37:25.) This is the word of God, it’s the truth.

I am proud to be part of the group with testimonies of a life time. I am happy indeed! It’s the reason I thank God every day. It’s the reason I praise him. It is the reason I am writing this. He is so good. He is so gracious. He is our salvation, our rock and the only source of consecration.
So we deserve to give thanks to the almighty. These scenes, I want to let you know, such that, if read, you awaken your faith. Faith feeds in order to remain true. It feeds inorder to remain with no qualms. When it’s woken, we trust in him unwaveringly. You know he is Emmanuel—God with us! Be blessed as you read.

Chapter one.

Friday 16/11/2018 is memorable. Hope was almost thrown to the wind. Thanks to the almighty God. It was finally restored. Indeed hope doesn’t disappoint. Early in the morning, I was supposed to go to work. But the difference that was between me and poverty was only the 1500/- coins that I was rubbing in my hands. It was the money I was to use for transport that day, but alas, less for 500/-! I had to get it smooth or rough otherwise I risked trekking on foot from work to home. Its common knowledge, men sometimes struggle. I was in for it that day. That’s rightly so.

Debating therefore, my wisdom tells me something and I purge irresolutely with no second thought to it. Do you know what my plan was? Well, it was to go to work, happy like nothing is troubling me, then quickly and emphatically, I bump into friend. Without hesitation, I let him know of my situation. Truth be told I needed some money to pass me through the week. A 10,000 note would suffice.
Then, with a few more accompanying words, I let friend know about my state; and with an innocent look, I let him know how I was on the receiving end. Will this help! I really hate what am about to do—borrowing! It debases you much, only at the mercy of your benefactor. I hate looking like a victim of sorts. I hate looking like a sluggard. I hate everything about borrowing. So what did I do then? I approached friend having rehearsed all my plans overnight.
Dear readers, finally I did what I hate? Guess who I met? It was Henry? As he was rambling about a lot, to me they counted for nothing. With no more words, I cut him short, tactically pulling him out of the crowd to the side. Just in case you have forgotten what I am doing. Colleagues, this is what I had rehearsed. I was only praying it works out and my plea heard. I was looking very innocent. That is if you saw me. Very, very innocent!

So I thought Henry would be of help to me. That he would salvage me out of the sticky situation. That which poverty leads men into profoundly. Did he do it? This is the situation I am not willing to suffer, if chance permits, any longer.
Henry didn’t have any comforting words for me. I must admit. He knew not my predicament. I think it’s the reason he talked blatantly with contempt. It was his time to lecture me, to put me in my rightful position—poverty had debased me to nothing else only but ridicule. How I hated the moment? How I cried? I thought I deserved better treatment. Satan has no comforting words I learnt. Henry my good friend, as I thought- all a long, wasn’t. He gave me over to the dogs. He taught me a lesson of a life time. Poverty is bad. You are no good friend to any body.

Ok may be he didn’t have (am trying to think). May be he was just like me (terribly smart) but impecunious. May be he got the rightful rare opportunity to mock me. How from hell did he wear those contemptful shoes to lecture me. I still don’t believe! If it was not right with you either, and if so, I can’t tell, then I forgive you. But I deserved not contempt. I still believe this is the other side of you! I still believe Satan tempted you! You could have remembered how I also try to help you (with zeal) sometimes. I still regret what I grieved. My heart is still bleeding! Anger turned into something else- hate! How you treated me I feel wasn’t welcome for a friend. Hunger befell me, anger at last, and I was physically unsettled. The last part of the conversation went like this:
HENRY sarcastically
You said what was the reason for your asking for the money.
Ah …its….(interjection) But there is no need to shout.
You know I can’t promise you anything now. Your problem is thinking that I am a money lender of sorts.
Me (while shuddering)
I didn’t mean that.
Uh,.. I didn’t mean that either, the money I have now is budgeted for period (his face folding.) Sorry then.
Me (eyes awol)
I was wrong sir. I said while i shuddered.
Try me tomorrow at 2:00 sharp. I don’t think I will have your money.
Ok then.

Do you feel the goose I felt? Well, situations teach us lasting lessons. I felt AWOL! I felt cold! That moment alone felt like a hundred years in the desert. It felt like hell. So debasing! And very real. How from hell?

Wait for part two of this post next week.


Again, it’s me Patrick, back with a blog post. You see I have spent the whole of this week bored, everything is boring-to me. I even feel there is nothing good about the life am leading. It’s a furnace! It’s shoel! Very boring, I need to re-align myself for sure.

I am sitted here on the road side, holding my phone in the hands and yes, writing what you are reading now? I feel am not inspired though! I feel hungry, anger, and alot more thing’s! I feel am alone surely. Something has to be done.

On my left, there is a gentle man coming. He is a gentleman as by the looks, I don’t know him. But he seems to be a father of two little angels down back home. Did I say two! Ok, I am guessing? Gentleman passes me by, and he is holding onto something in his right hand. A tot-pack of Uganda waragi? He is smart for work-going to office probably. But with a tot-pack!! Can you believe!

That aside, I have a blog post am supposed to finish by today. I am behind deadline, and my record so far, is that I don’t beat deadlines. Ok once! I was supposed to submit my proposals to boss by 12th/07/19. Did I do it! Alas? I was a hive of activity on things that didn’t matter so much that time. When I decided to work on my business proposals, alot was needed and yes- i could not finish them on time. Lost opportunity? But the saying goes, “When one door of opportunity closes, another opens.” So another opportunity was granted: to submit all my proposals by 13th/07/2019, which was the next day. Probably you were thinking, I was out of the business. No! I am a man of second chances. This is the one opportunity and deadline I have crushed with vigor and passion. I tell you something! All my proposals were considered.

So borne to pick with boss, simmered under one last minute success. Am lucky isn’t it 😂? Actually, I don’t always fail to make my bosses happy.

These girls fond of giving me hard time. They think am supposed to run after them. They think, they are a resource am supposed to purge all my resources to. Aww!! It’s ending today! Enough is enough. And if I don’t say enough, who will say it for me. You play the hard to get, yet you want the money. Eh! Teka sente wolaaba(put money where you see!!) I want to tell you something young ladies! If you come to look me in the eyes, do it, disappear. If you have come to pee, pee!! Don’t look back? For then, you will be disappointed. You are not an investment 😉 period.

Why do you keep me begging all the time? Is it because I am a man! Is it because I am gullible! That I do know nothing about Venus! Feminism is yes- I dont know? But that is exactly what you’re? If your time is precious! If everything about you is precious and a treasure, let it be? From now on, I also take my time(everything about me) to be precious hundreds-fold (lesson learnt.) I take it to be gold. My only gold and silver. I take it to be a whole lot of things. It’s not going to be so easy, a task but yes, I go by that. Am nolonger going to waste my precious everything on the hard to get girls. ‘That type,’ out of my way. Am more precious! Am more enamored! And if you think I am crazy, don’t bother to try me. Don’t? I have lots of enamored treasures and emotions to think of. The crooks, I say then, I will not waste my time on you. Try else where?

What I think of marriage is this- hell? What I think about money, evil (though I am in love with it?) What I think about women;- a death trap? Actually, it’s a snare that leads to both; hell and poverty(downfall), either way! It’s ugly!
But tell me please, what happens to a man with money? What? I say then, everything is good but moderately. Control?

My musings about Women have a beginning point, with no end line. There is something special about them! There’s magic! There is joy am yet to discover! There’s life! Still, my musings don’t end. Women are a gift to the world. They are a gift so dear… bringing forth tenderness to the earth.

Being so, I am tired of chasing after them. Know your worth please. In the first place, why were you created? To help out Adam, not so! So please, and I repeat, please help Adam…??
Adam will collapse one day, you will not love it. Give him things to eat! Hmm! Men, not so? Eat things! Eat things…! Until when the honey pot cries no water? Haha? We have to chew things.

Hoping you have heard our dear ladies. Don’t look for me! Look for Adam and yes- give him things to chew.
For me I remain, as I have said, am not going to run after eve. I order you now to look for Adam. Ha? Ha? As if am God. Is it even possible! These girls are obsitinate. So obsitinate to order them around. Ok, politely we have to order you, it’s you with the goodies? What then?

I need to eat something today😄😄😄?? I need to…? What should I do? Am Adam?? See you then.


Hello! Am back with a rant! Actually, I wanted to write this as it were unfolding but I was totally confused; and engulfed in pain! I could not even put anything down on paper. I wasn’t even thinking. I was daze, only feeling the pain. And yes- the ‘writers block!’

So today I am back to normal, I feel I can write something down. Not like the whole of last week. What a blessing? How I feel with this blog post of mine, I don’t believe it’s really happening! But here I am, thanks to God.

I have also talked to my girlfriend.. ( in dreams haha!😆😆😆.) Everything is fine. She lives in the states, I live here in Uganda. Eh…!

Actually, I don’t know her yet? (Story of another day..!)

I went to sleep, with a myriad of things on my mind. Last Thursday 18/07/2019, I got an accident on my leg. It was an open wound so deep! The fresh (up- right next to the ankle) on the left leg had totally collapsed. The veins had been torn too. The blood was just oozing out of my body terribly… at what speed? I feared for my life. From the accident area to where I sat, to look at the wound and possibly to think of any remedy that could be of help, all I could see was blood. A trail of blood? Wow!

When I called my sister to come over- to see for her self, she was already scared. She brought over a certain tree branch(herb) thought to contained bleeding. She brought over like so many of them, but ah? The cut was so deep, bad thing, the veins were involved. It was way too much? My sister in the process fell two times. She was sooo…so scared to the eighth commandment! This is when she said something out of nervousness: “Hold here like this (giving me the tree branch) let me first go to the loose?” Did she go?? She was just scared?

Then I told her, because I had already seen how deep the wound was, and I could not scare her more. I told her to give me a piece of cloth and something else for tying; to seal off the blood that was just ozing out madly. Everything else had failed. Blood was just flowing out of me… I began to shiver as I saw blood like a river. I lost alot of blood. Waah! Waah! It was terrible?

After tying the wound and blood was flowing no more, I had to set for hospital, to see a doctor. When I stepped foot on ground, with my left leg which was affected, oh God! I could feel blood flow right from my heart to the puncture area. Men, blood is life?? I looked at my palms, already, they were pale (a sign that I had lost alot of blood.) I opened my eye lids to see (with a mirror)-they were very pale. What awaited me was only to faint, indicative of a complete revolve? Then, I wait, I am scared (it was really happening) off to shoel- death!

Thanks to God that it didn’t happen.

In a taxi, I decided to rest as I had anticipated to faint. Buying for myself time so. When I reached town, I jumped on a Boda Boda to a clinic; but before I could do that, truth be told, I bought two coke bottles and emptied them. This was in a bid to compensate for lost blood. However, instead of a faint I got dizzy? I started to see heaven on Earth. Eeek! Then out of no where, I began to sweat. This was just the beginning, more was in store for me. I was drenched in my own sweat literally. So I decided to rest once more.

After like 30 minutes, I sought for a nearby clinic in the viscinity. Life was almost out of me. I was seeing stars. I didn’t even give a damn to the onlookers, busying themselves silly; on someone who is helpless, as if they have never seen. The ideal would be- to help out? Isn’t it so? Not to look like silly devil’s, was it new anyway? You’re the devils daughter’s and sons. How dare you? Please!! Shame upon you??

Finally, I was happy to reach Mombashar medical services. And wait for it! Wait! Those guys are thieves! I will, I will and I repeat, I will never step foot there! Indians are not human. All they want is money period. So they cheated me… well the doctors were human. They understood my situation. I compliment them for being understanding. But Muyindi man, God is going to punish you severely. Because I don’t have anywhere to report you, fervently I trust God. He will do it for me.

“Vengeance is mine says the Lord(Deut 32:35)”

Doctors who helped me. Dr. Jude(Mr. President), nurse (I dont remember her name) they really helped me. I saw it in their eyes. They knew Muyindi was a cheat. With the situation going in dire straits, they did their best. They didn’t falter either. God is going to bless you fervently. And I am serious!

There was also another doctor who helped me out of this nasty situation. Yes, Muyindi man wasn’t laughing at all. I was kept in a safe place, to say. Ha? Ha? God will not forget you- Muyindi man. He is going to reward you accordingly.

So doctor and nurse helped stich the wound asceptically. Nurse also gave me a shot of TT, you never know what happens. I was good to go. Not so!

But when they brought over my bill, alas? I didn’t see this coming! My eyes wide open, I could not believe? It was way too much; compared to what I had anticipated? A staggering 130,000/-? What?? Since when?? And Muyindi man was still to smile? He! He!

This is when I was taken into custody- (safe place) where I could pay the money without the ‘shock’😁😁! Did I even have the money they asked for!! When I went there, I had only 60,000/- on me which, all long I thought would suffice. Nothing?

Safe place was the place to be😳! I was there, addle, only looking but not thinking. My budget was blown! I wasn’t happy at all. I was frozen for a moment. I was even oblivious of the pain that was way through me. I was just there!

So I what to thank Fazira Musenze who lent me the money which bailed me out😜😜. This was nolonger a health facility, rather a prison cell. In there, I was talking to a certain doctor who at the same time helped me charge my phone. I was now coming back to the senses. His rant was way too much, but yes, I was only thinking about the money. I could not even guess where to get it from.

Fazira Musenze covered in a veil

In the first place, it was just the fear that I was losing alot of blood that landed me to this facility. I will never go there I swear! I know my places, my level right? I know where to get free services and may be say thanks to government. I know where to chill from and hey- relax.

These people cheated me. I will never step foot there as far as I am concerned. To my fellow citizens, let’s all shun that clinic till they reform. Until that happens, we shall never step foot there? Maybe you will cheat those who are not going to read this blog post. Maybe you will cheat the gullible. Or yes, you will cheat Muyindi’s- your country Men. But ha…! No one likes to be cheated. Not me! Not you either! I predict doom for you Muyindi man. See you in shoel. What then?


Back to Fazira Musenze, she really helped me. When my phone got some little power, I gathered all the courage in me to call her. She is my workmate. And married, don’t think! Hehe!! With three kids🤫🤫🤫. I promised to give back her money immediately I reached office. Did I have the money?

The money was sent finally. Thanks to God. I was happy. Who won’t be happy after a bail? Not me? Hehe!😄😄 I was so happy? Thanks so much Fazira. Your benignity won’t go down to waste I promise. I am thinking, left right and center. I look to the west, I look to the South. Where will money come from! Yet it’s all going to be yours😳😳. Just yours!! Really? Haha? So be aware?

Now am nursing a wound. Happy with that.

You can clearly see the toe and the ankle engulfed in an eodema.

Message to the haters…

“Am still alive? Sorry Satan…so sorry!!!!”

See you when you see me! 😀😀


Our neighborhood is so funny. Alot of funny things happen here. The Eco-system is friendly and the people therein. We are a peace loving community. We love calmness, we love fairness- this makes us a special people.

We have a forest nearby; it’s home to alot of creatures. What is seen most are the mockeys- they are funny right? Some of the creatures we see with our eyes, like the fox we fear. Even the least expected, those we don’t know whether they even exist (we can’t see them) anyway, we fear them too. Unlike the fox, they cause diseases. For the fox’s bite-especially those who disturb their peace. Pathogens differ.

They are a menace! They are more lethal! The viruses, the bacteria’s, the list goes on and on. So we are told to fear the forest. Is it fair anyway! Is it right? This is my neighborhood, I feel, I need to be familiar with it. Imagine, here in my viscinity, just a few kilometers! I have never stepped an inch therein. Is it fair?

Is it really fair….?

But I see white man going there. Is it ok for mzungu, wrong for me? Hoping my assumption is wrong! Otherwise, I will stage a show? This is going to be soon, very soon!

We see the mockeys, the foxes, and other wild animals daily. Those I know come from there. The mockeys are funny I must repeat, you know what? They don’t feed from the forest, instead, from our homes. They are more like our pets. So we feed them.

…..they steal…oh no!) We share? Their favorite, the sweet bananas; with that, you can make them sing songs. And that’s where the drama begins. To tell you surely, we have a problem of Mockeys. But i love them anyway. (My neighbors don’t.) They are cunning animals (funny) that’s all I can say.

So we are refused from familiarizing with the forest. The inhabitants of the forest are not restricted. How unfair?? Injustice at it’s best!

Is there any reasons for that? Is there any pretexts presented either? Am trying to think! Who is to blame for the mess at Zika? Why don’t we go in there anyway? What is wrong with that? Huh..!

Back to the micro-organisms, we are told to fear them like running water. But how? The wild animals cross over to us. Don’t they come with these minute organisms? Aren’t they infected themselves? What is there to fear anyway? What? Please tell me?

I am determined now, one day, I will crossover to that forest. Unleash my wrath, then come back. I think I will come with a story. Yes, with a story? I will cross over to that sign post. “Zika forest” then move past it with no remorse.

Zika! Zika! What is Zika for me to fear? What? Zika is a forest. Isn’t it? I am a Man?

Zika is a virus, somebody tells me. I check out Google, there it is, in black and white. A virus?? But here, it’s a forest! Which is which? Are they relatives? Are they sisters? Someone should tell me surely. Am trying to connect the dots. Zika who are you? I am your neighbor don’t ask? I am determined to come over to you. I want to discover what you hide in there? Who are you really?

Now I enter this forest, to come back with answers to the so many questions I pose. The what? The where? The how? I will write them here for you dear readers to read, as far as this blog allows. So wait?

Actually, please wait!


There is this funny man, my neighbor that is, he has never been sober. He is a drunkard in all ways. He is a binge drinker. He is funny! However, he is the father to the crush of my life. Ruth resembles her father. I hope, it’s only facial, not genetic. I hope some genes were not inhereted. It’s my prayer! My crush should not be like her Father, when it comes to drinking alcohol. Far from that? Let it not be oh God.

But for now, I love her. It’s all I know. I breathe her, I dream, I walk and she is all I can see. She is the love of my life. And hoping am not blinded by love. Am not going to disturb you with unnecessary ramblings about her yet. But she seems priceless.


My house is sorrounded by a live fence partially, some part near the gate is a wall fence. The trees make a good fence. There is something special about them. There is a way they add beauty to my compound. The shades, sometimes I sit there while I meditate. I sit there to contemplate and look at the world with a view. I can confidently look at the sky under these natural shades. They give a peace of mind to which I purge into whenever things go wrong.

The trees cause about plenty of fresh air. That aside the flowers, oh my;- are beautiful. Remind me today 9th/07/2019, I am going to pick one for my pearl, Ruth. Hoping you see the reason why I like the trees!

She will ask me, obviously, where I picked the flowers from. She doesn’t believe I can buy her flowers. She doesn’t know much about me yet, I believe! I want her to see the reason why I like the live fence? Probably, when she smells the scent, emotions will flow through out her body. Her spine will reverberate and rightly there, upon the magic scent, she will see reason.

For now she can’t see reason even after so much persuasion. she doesn’t like the kind of fence i fancy. She doesn’t like the type of fence here. She wants a wall fence. She wants walls. So today, allow me stop at that. Am not going to persuade her any longer. I let her be?

Her concern is that the fence allows entry of trespassers. The wild animals, all kinds, to the house. She fears these animals. This is why…….? The odds are zero for me.

All I can say about our place though, it’s a beautiful place. The people here are beautiful. They are calm. They are good and they have money. There is away I feel isolated from the rest of you😛😝😝. The place looks more like hermpshire. More like Birmingham! English, English! Everything is English. You may think the people here have just dropped out of Berkshire. Are we wiseacre’s anyways? Do we like to floss?? Hihihi😂😂!

We are affluent of course. We are the rich- (the locals call us.) Am lucky, if that is to go by. I live in a place like this. I have my privileges. I am affluent! I have the money-(the gold and the silver.) Don’t be jealous?


I have a pet at home, Curie. I love her. It’s a funny cat. One time, I found my boxers amiss! I searched in the bedroom. I searched in the bathroom and everywhere I could reach. You know what we found? Nothing??We searched and searched till I started to see blue. And it dawned on me. I had to let Curie rest. She had really searched tirelessly. I was pestering on because and truly, she was with me.

Curie there for you

After one week, I found the boxers stacked in a box in the kitchen. Looking around, Curie with her eyes fixed closely onto mine, looked guilty. When I said, “Who did this?” As if the words were written on my face. She just jumped over the sink and hide in the box.This box was already an exhibit and I was only looking for the rightful culprit to whom I could unleash my wrath.So I lifted the box with the cat therein, to the cells (the store room) until further notes.

We were together searching. She could not even say a thing. Haha! So be there until my wrath simmers.

When I woke up early in the morning to prepare for my errands. Guess what I saw? On my left, near the legs, Curie was right there as if saying good morning! Had she bribed the prison warders. I was trying to think. I started to laugh..I laughed and laughed till my wrath simmered 😂😂😂.

So she came to me. I lifted her to my chest. I kissed her as she looked so innocent and affectionate until when a few words slithered out of my mouth; “Curie, you are now a free citizen of this household. Go on to enjoy your freedoms.” I put her down and she left for the sitting room.

Curie!?? Its unbearable to be tense with her. She is so smart. And so cunning. Before I forget, am not bothered with her anymore.


Here in Mayway, we don’t have any thieves so far (except a few cunning animals.) We are detached from the rest of you😛😛. The place is more like Munyonyo. As if that’s not enough, like Kololo, if not Nakasero. All the people here are righteous, to say! No thieves? No beggars? What belongs to ceaser is ceaser’s? What is mine, year out, it’s mine? Now be tempted!

When it’s the eye forcing you to sin- pluck it out! Pull it out! Better with one eye than the temptation. Better than silver? Better than gold? Not that it’s bad, it’s only human, but what comes thereafter? You know what, here, there is more of people in uniform than the civilians themselves? As if a barracks! This is what I tell friends who come to visit me, to resist the temptation like we do to rattle snakes. To hate it fervently the way we hate to die. (As if we presume we will live 2000 years.)

So here, the temptation to steal alone can book you a free ticket- your’s Mr. thief- to Paradise without notice.

I think that is all. Oh no! I was forgetting. We have a serious problem of cunning thieves. Our only thieves!😆😆Those who dare the undaring. More like falling into a leopards den-(to see what?) Ayay?

There is this black and white dog with it’s son’s and daughter’s. It’s daring. In a group, they sneer slowly to our compound. They are the only thieves we have. Did you think of the poverty stricken, lazy, sick looking a boys that like free things. No. It’s easy to deal with those ones. These dogs since they are not interested in our clothes, our television sets. Our pearls, probably it’s the reason they are becoming a problem. Do you know what? They are interested in only the food. Yes, the food, just that. It’s the only reason they come with no fear. Tell me please what happens to an hungry creature? Wrath!!

We have plenty of food here. We can’t finish it, however much Curie tries. My girlfriend can’t either. I am the only contender. Others, it’s funny- they pretend. They are funny eaters!! My in-laws here (Mayway) all are impulse eater’s. They eat only with a stimulus. Not me! Not the dogs! We need no appetizer’s.So to say, we need helpers, though the immediate ones are thieves😊😊.We need real helpers, with the appetite like no other. With a strong urge to eat. To compliment my loved services.

Note: You must know how to cook as well?? 😆😆

You must know how to sweep the compound. How to mop? How to cook?? How to do everything is an added advantage. Those are some of the qualities we want here at Mayway.

Call 0751674632 for details.

Back to the dogs. They are cunning! To the extent that one time it became to much for me. They were eating everything. Our chicken, the goats, the sheep’s and anything edible to them. Knowingly, they are carnivores, right? So find them eating posho and beans. When you see a carnivore eat grass? Trouble?!!

One night after so much persuasion. I contemplated, my brain dry, to come up with a better plan. How can I destroy this family of thieves? How can I get rid of them with minimal effort? You know when they are to attack, they come in groups, so scaring! Black and white patches (dog) as the head plus it’s immediate family members. They are so scary?

My good plan came like this, that I buy meat(good meal) for them. Are you sure? Yes, this time with a few grams of poison. Then I let them, no stealing, have their last super. My other role in this remains only to say fare thee well to them. He he!

You see, even after so much trouble caused, I was reluctant to come up with a plan like this. These dogs are creatures like me. They need a life! They have rights! And need to live like me. I mean, they deserve it? But when they attacked my chicken house and preyed on everything therein. I knew rightly that they had touched the leopards anus. Something was boiling up for them. This is when I said enough is enough! Since you love to eat good meals, you go down by them- to Paradise direct. And deal with your sins there! I can’t judge you here- go receive your rightful share of shoel. I wait for my turn then!

So I bought the meat, painfully and the poison. This time I said, “let it be once and for all?” I was determined to the root! I carefully read the instructions; mindful that the poison is not selective. Then mixing it thoroughly well with my good bait. I surrendered it all, not even a single piece was left! I wanted my good friends to have there last super in abundance, then off to shoel.

My bait was so juicy and mouthwatering. I imagined how my culprits were to thank me. How? But since they are thieves. They are not so much acquainted with this last part of any meal- to say thank you to whoever has provided the meal. Ha ha!

Actually, i made sure in all the places they frequented, there was enough of the bait. “Come one come all.” I said.

This time round, my sleep was so much endearing, filled with so much peace. Nothing troubled me at night. All dogs for once, were busy on their meals. This was comforting! I envisioned nice better days to come. Nice dreams and a so much comforting sleep without the creatures;- the damn dogs who could give me no sleep at all once in the vicinity.

Actually, to wake up, damn thing- so much peace was with me. Peace enough to walk through. I knew the chicken house was safe and intact. I knew the goats were safe for once. Everything! No need to wake up. I slept? Ha!

I woke up at 10:15am. It was my neighbors car hooting, this time not the dogs, that woke me up. So yea- to say, my sleep was so good. I picked up my phone to call Ruth, first thing in the morning. She was already wondering, infact she was contemplating to call when finally my call came through. But she had sent so many messages. This one below is one of them.

“Wats up boy, are you there? What’s taking you alot of time to call?”

The whole of that day was amazing. It was funfilled. Too much love. Since I had a very warming night previously, I had to call on my sweetheart to come over. She was amazing. She cooked for me, did all the laundry for me as we joked. “Am not going to do this any longer, you boy, if you don’t pay me off…!” “Pay you..eeh!” And she was serious. “I am not going to pay you today, I said, but.. wait, I am going to give your family twenty cows, thanking them first for raising you then thanking you for everything thereafter. And this you are doing today inclusive!” “Don’t joke.” she said. “…you began all this.” Ha? Ha? How she was annoyed??

That’s how we spent the whole day. Joking, laughing all through. Ruth is better at that. She is so cracking. And she made me busy, with her doing all this and that- she is a perfectionist. She wants all things set, everything, that’s why when she comes; she finds alot of work piled for her. I didn’t find any time to walk her around the compound, and me to check on my baited areas. But I was sure the dogs had the best of the day. Fare thee well!

Night came and the labors of the day had torn me apart. I was very tired! I slept off even before Ruth. And because I was tired, I didn’t think of anything else other than, yes, only to sleep. Ruth gets upset with this sometimes but luckily, she was also tired😃. So to say we slept off. Nothing else! And stop thinking! Haha?

At around 2:15am, something funny woke me up. A voice, Ruth’s father was shouting out loud at their home. Probably because their lovely daughter was missing. I think, he was quizzing her mother all about her absence. I didn’t even waste time to wake her up. But they shouted for some good time till all was gone, energy. They also had to sleep😄😄!

Ruth’s father is a drunkard. I think he didn’t sleep but remained there groaning for his lovely daughter. For me, sleep failed me. I was in bed gazing in the dark. Hearing funny voices outside. This forced me to have a glimpse of what was gnawing outside. I jumped out of bed and looked through the widow shutters. Guess what I saw?There under the mango tree, I saw a black and white dog with so many other dogs scattered all-over the compound. I could not believe my eyes!

“So these dogs think everyday is a sunday? They are back for more good meals! Wow!”

But how from hell! Didn’t they eat the bait! What went wrong? Looking closely, I was familiar with these patches (black and white!) Did this dog refuse to eat the bait! It was a good meal. Isn’t it? All carnivores could go for it. What really happened?

As I was still looking, they started fighting. “In whose compound?” I said. These dogs are so daring! I switched on the light but alas, did they move! Nothing. Instead, they began to roar. My sleep was totally gone. However, I didn’t what these funny creatures to wake up my darling. I had assured her of peaceful sleep here but now….huh!

These dogs refused to vacate the compound, and…, to let go i switched off the light. This is what calmed the situation. They stopped roaring.

A myriad of things passed through my mind. What had happened to my good bait? What really went wrong? These dogs I believe by now would be in hell! What is really going on? Something is terribly wrong!

There is something i have started to fear about Mayway. The dogs? These are not even dogs! How from hell? Are they even living, if I may ask? When you see a dog eat poison and still remains as dangerous as before!! Then something is terribly wrong?

😁😁See you when you see me😁😁😁